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AC PolitiAC covers Presidential politics and reveals the positive truth behind negative attacks. We expose cover-ups, fraud and failure and celebrate transparency, integrity and success.

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Amazing! What Caused the Economic Downturn That Made the Economy Collapse?

When tracking the global economic crises back to it’s origin we arrive at the House Ways and Means Committee in session back in the year 1995.

President Obama's Claim of Fiscal Acumen and Responsible Spending is Debunked and Disproved

Two charts that feature slow spending growth under Barack Obama are widely shared on Facebook and in emails. They are misused, and misguided.

President Barack Obama Protected Osama bin Laden For As Long As He Could Before Authorizing His Execution

Leaked Documents Forced President Obama to Change Course.

Obama’s Executive Order over Russian Uranium Is a Hush-hush National Emergency

Amazing! This could be the quietest declaration of a National Emergency in U.S, history.

Fact Check; Global Climate Change

PolitiAC Debunks and Disproves the White House Claim that Fossil Fuels, Corporations and Industrial Activity Cause Global Climate Change.

Five Reasons Ron Paul Will Never be Elected President of the U.S.

The Un-electability of Ron Paul Has Nothing to Do With His Character, His Patriotic Fervor, or His Loyal Following. It Has Everything to do With His Inability to Understand the Black Market for Weapons and Explosives.

AC National Affairs

WARNING: No Bank is Safe

President Barack Obama is in the Commercial Banking Business and Regulating Banks at the Same Time.

What Extremists Are Hiding About the Tea Party Movement

Celebrities and Government officials Attack the Tea Parties. What Chris Rock, Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, Bill Maher, and U.S. Representative André Carson Don’t Want You to Know or Find Out About the Tea Party Movement.

Pros and Cons of the Presidential Election Hopefuls | 2012

There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Candidate for President | Compare.

2012 Comprehensive Presidential Debate Guide | Debates 1 through 3

Outstanding! The 2012 Presidential debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are comprehensively examined, analyzed, and evaluated. Charts and insights are included.

7 Surprising Game Changers, Power Players, and Key People in the 2012 Presidential Election

Surprises to watch for in the 2012 Presidential Election; National Heritage, Reconciliation, Misinformation, Eric Holder, Donald Trump, Cardinal Dolan, George Soros, and the Presidential Debates.

7 Things Barack Obama Doesn't Want You to Know About Mitt Romney's Wealth

Deep-pocketed special interest groups, Unions, and Corporations cannot bribe Mitt Romney or manipulate his priorities. He was never a corporate raider. He understands how to create jobs. More...

Obama Legal Gay Marriage Stance is a State by State Opinion Poll Mistake

President Obama Could Have Cost Himself the 2012 Presidential Election by Overlooking Standard Polling Irregularities Regarding Same-sex Marriage and California's Proposition 8.

Recent Political Humor Cartoons

Keep Your Sense of Humor Happy.

Debunking the Negative Attacks of the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary, Part 1

We Debunk Two Politically Motivated Attacks; the Mitt Romney Etch-a-sketch Scheme and the Rick Santorum Ban on Pornography Ruse.

The Dirty Dozen Misconceptions About Mitt Romney

Twelve Good Reasons Why Mitt Romney Might Be the Next President.

The Dirty Dozen Misconceptions About Newt Gingrich

He Never Liked the Idea of a Mandate to Buy Health Insurance, Doesn’t Favor Amnesty for Illegals, and Isn’t a Progressive. Get the Details Right.

The Dirty Dozen Misconceptions About Rick Santorum

Twelve Reasons Why Rick Santorum Could Become Our Next President.

Justice Roberts May Have Decided the Outcome of the 2012 Election

John G. Roberts Jr.'s innovative decision on the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act may have outsmarted everyone judicially, legislatively, and politically. Because the new health-care law is now at the mercy of Congress.

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Presidential Politics That Everyone Is Talking About Now

25 of the Most Vital News Topics in American Politics

Presidential candidates / The 2012 Presidential election / Slow Job growth (unemployment remains high) / Deaths caused by Fast and Furious and the lack of accountability / Health insurance and managed care / Plans to create jobs / Medicare / Medicaid / The dangers of a nuclear Iran / The economic impact of high gasoline and grocery prices / Federal budget concerns that are still unresolved / Foreign Policy / Income inequality / Privacy and online Tracking / Immigration reform and political wrangling / The Obama White House leveraging Class Warfare / United States politics and government / Democratic Party / Republican Party / Political party platforms / Tea Party / Inflation (quantitative easing) / The Federal Reserve / The GSA, the Secret Service, and bureaucratic  irresponsibility.

People In Politics That Everyone Is Talking About Now

20 of the Most Fascinating Personalities in the News

Barack Obama / Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan / Eric Holder / Darrell Issa / Scott Walker / Chris Christie / Marco Rubio / Donald Trump / Mahmoud Ahmadinejad / Hilary Clinton / Sarah Palin / Michelle Obama / Eric Cantor / Jeffrey Immelt / Nancy Pelosi / Harry Reid / John Boehner / Newt Gingrich / George Soros.

Locations Everyone In Politics Is Paying Attention to

10 of the Most Interesting Places in Political News

1. Charlotte / 2. Ohio / 3. Washington D.C.  / 4. Virginia / 5. Syria / 6. Iran / 7. Florida / 8. Afghanistan / 9. Pakistan / 10. Pennsylvania.

Dates of Importance in Obama's Second Term

Upcoming Days of Significance

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, General Election.

Reasons for Increased Political Interest In Obama Now

5 of the Most Important Motives for Being Politically Aware

1. The upcoming Presidential election on Super Tuesday, November 6, 2012 / 2. Campaign fund raising is well underway / 3. The first ever Congressional Super Committee still has a big job to do / 4. Ideology conflicts between Democratic and Republican politicians / 5. The Obama administration's contraception compromise that was never agreed to by the Catholic church.

How Everyone Can Help to Achieve Political Goals

5 Ways to Get Involved In American Politics Right Now

1. Write and call your Senators and Representative / 2. Write and call President Obama / 3. Register to vote (if you are not already registered) / 4. Contact a candidate and ask how you can help their campaign / 5. Give generously to candidates, political groups, and support what you believe in.

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Obama's Secret About Osama bin Laden


WARNING - Ally Bank May be a Threat to Free Markets and Free Trade